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High Water Rescue Produces Facebook Splash

On Sunday, February 28, Hurricane Fire and Rescue was called to Peach Ridge Road to rescue a man from a partially submerged vehicle.

The man had tried to brave the water because it was his son’s birthday, and he wanted to go to town and purchase a pizza from Gino’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken for the special occasion.

“I knew better, but we have been without power 12 days and I just wanted his birthday to be good,” the man explained.

After the man was rescued, Deron Wilkes of the Hurricane Fire Department went to both Gino’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken to purchase the food for the son’s birthday dinner.

Wilkes was able to bypass much of the water by taking the route to Taylor Riding Stables. He then continued on foot to deliver the birthday dinner to a waiting family member.

Wilkes’ action produced two Facebook posts — one with 83 responses, 20 comments, and 90 shares; and the other with 358 responses, 63 comments, and 157 shares.

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