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Hurricane CIU Makes $300,000 Drug Seizure

Police Chief Mike Mullins presents a routine summary of his department’s activities to the Hurricane City Council each month. Mullins’ report at the April 5 council meeting was far from routine.

Mullins made note of the Police Department’s CIU activities. The chief reported that the unit seized 2.2 pounds of meth, 144.9 grams of heroin, 114 pounds of marijuana, and $16,644.00 in cash. The estimated street value of the drug seizure was $306,988.00.

Federal regulations allow local police departments to use cash which is seized in drug arrests for certain expenditures. Mullins announced that the Hurricane PD will purchase AR-15’s valued at $8,500 and a drug dog for the CIU at a cost of $5,200.

Mullins reported that during the month, the HPD made 8 arrests which were charged to the state and 14 which were charged to the city. The city’s arrests included 13 for shoplifting and one for possession of heroin. The state arrests included three DUI related, two drug related, and one for third offense shoplifting.

Mullins also reported that the HPD department issued 66 citations and 25 warnings while responding to single complaints of child neglect, battery, fraud, and joy riding, two destruction of property complaints, and three stolen property complaints.

The department also responded to 21 EMR calls, 39 911 hang up calls, 14 alarm calls, 11 disturbance calls, 10 suspicious vehicle calls, one child custody dispute, 2 noise complaints, 4 trespassing complaints, 8 domestic violence calls and 3 stolen property complaints. The department made 5 well-being checks while taking 15 accident reports during the month.

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