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Putnam Records 93rd Covid Death

On Friday, April 2, the DHHR reported the death of an 83-year old Putnam female. The coronavirus death total for Putnam County is now 93. Based upon population, 1.65 per thousand county residents have succumbed to the disease. Statewide, the rate is 1.50 per thousand.

The first Putnam Covid death was reported in early September. During March, the DHHR reported 14 county deaths. Half of this number was recorded on March 12. The seven deaths reported on the 12th were not individuals who died on the 11th or in days shortly before the 11th. The DHHR, in reviewing death reports that it had received, discovered that 168 deaths were not properly reported. Seven of the 168 were the deaths of Putnam residents. Some may have died in February or earlier.

The vast majority of the deaths recorded in March were of individuals older than 70. Only one, a 26-year-old female, was younger than 55. There were two deaths in 60-69 age range and one in the 50-59 range.

The new case numbers among the 70 and older group has slowed as the number of vaccinations has increased. This is not the case for younger age groups.

Putnam’s active case numbers have steadily increased since hitting a low of 245 on March 19. On Tuesday, April 6, Putnam’s active cases were listed at 316. Active cases is a measure of the presence of the virus and serves as a predictor of contracting the disease. Putnam residents are 29% more likely to contract Covid this week than three weeks ago.

The 29% increase in likelihood seems to ignore the fact that county residents are being vaccinated for the disease. On March 19, 6,375 Putnam residents were fully vaccinated. On April 6, 9,025 had received their second shot. Active case numbers should decrease as vaccination numbers go up.

Covid-19 seems to write its own rules. There was a ten-day period in early October in which Covid infections leveled off and dropped slightly. In mid-October, infections rates resumed their upward climb. The present climb in active cases is not what should be occurring.

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