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City of Hurricane Moves to Allow Outdoor Alcohol Consumption

In a first reading of an ordinance to revise Section 521.06 of the city code, the Hurricane City Council approved changes which would allow customers at Drip Cafe and Belknap Dough Company on Main Street the privilege of consuming alcoholic beverages purchased at the eateries in the sidewalk and Deck-on-Main areas. Both restaurants currently serve beer for on-the-premises consumption. The ordinance will become effective upon second reading at the September 7 council meeting. First reading vote was 4 to 2 with council members Marshall Ginn and Gerry Spears voting against the measure.

Mayor Scott Edwards stated that he will place a review of the ordinance on the agenda for the July 2022 council meeting. Council also held first reading of two ordinance which would allow the Hurricane Building Commission to issue lease revenue bonds. The ordinances, if approved at their second readings, will allow the Building Commission to issue bonds of less than $5 million to finance the construction and equipping of the new fire station and of less than $12 million to finance improvements at Hurricane Bridge Park.

Fire Chief Deron Wilkes informed council that Hurricane Fire & Rescue EMS is now providing ambulance service to all residing within the Hurricane Fire District. On Sunday, August 1, ambulance service in the territory served by the District shifted from Putnam EMS to Hurricane Fire & Rescue.

Wilkes said that Hurricane EMS answered its first call on Sunday at 9:20 a.m. Wilkes added that Hurricane EMS answered four calls on Sunday, three in Hurricane and one on Sycamore Ridge. Wilkes said the Hurricane EMS anticipates about six calls per day for ambulance service. Wilkes also informed council that the Hurricane Fire Department would have less need to answer 911 calls because it will operate in conjunction with Hurricane EMS.

Police Chief Mike Mullins told council that the FBI, acting on information provided by the HPD, has seized 15 firearms, 4 vehicles, and $331,000 in cash. Mullins said that Hurricane’s CIU has been working with the FBI for a year and that the bust resulted in 21 federal indictments.

City Manager Andy Skidmore reported that fencing has been installed around the football field at Bridge Park and that the pickleball courts will soon be completed. Skidmore said that Conley’s Irish Pub (located in the Hidden Creek Building) is now expected to open in late September.

Marketing & Development Manager Amanda Ramey informed council that the evening edition of Food Truck Friday is scheduled from 4 to 8 p.m. on August 27 with entertainment provided by the Creek Don’t Rise. Ramey announced a new requirement for vendors at Hurricane’s Harvest Festival on October 2. The cost to vendors will be $50, $20 of which will be refunded if the vendor remains on site until the close of the festival. Ramey also reminded council that Hurricane’s Citywide Yard Sale is Saturday, August 14. Participants desiring to have their addresses advertised online should contact the city at 304-562-5896.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the next Hurricane Council meeting will be Tuesday, September 7, at 6:30 p.m.

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