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Breeze Kittens Capture Facebook ‘Likes’

Betsy submitted this photo of kittens Elladan and Elrohir to the Facebook group “This cat is assembled INCORRECTLY.” It is a common sight for pet owners to see their cats sleeping in bizarre, contorted positions, and the members of this Facebook group post photos of their feline contortionists. Keeping with the group’s theme, posters pretend that they have “incorrectly assembled” their cats or have received “defective” products from the “cat factory,” and ask for “customer support” on how to “remedy” the situation. A common response from “customer support” is to shake a box of treats, and the “malfunctioning” cats should automatically “repair” themselves.

As of Tuesday, August 31, over 950 people from all around the world had liked the photo of the tangled kitties.

The photo also received many comments from people who had difficulty figuring out how these two cats were “assembled,” or exactly how many cats were shown in the picture. One poster wrote, “It’s like when your necklaces/bracelets get tangled together… where does it start?! Where does it end?!”

Another poster wrote, “Bonus parts are shipped with an upgrade that allows the unit to run in all directions at once.”

Ron remarked that the kittens looked like a “deformed octopus.” This sentiment was also shared by several of the commenters, who compared the tangled pile of heads, legs, and tails to the tentacled, cephalopod-like monsters from the imagination of horror writer H. P. Lovecraft.

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