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The Centennial History of Hurricane: Meet Some of Hurricane’s Oldest Families

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. Since the Centennial History is now out of print, the Breeze is reprinting articles from the book as space allows. This week’s selection will be the 209th installment of the Centennial History.


Submitted by Miss Betty Smith and Mrs. Shirley Smith

Lyman Earl Smith was born April 5, 1895, in Roane County, West Virginia, a son of Theodore and Amelia Summerfield Smith. He grew up there and as a young man worked in the oil and gas fields.
He was married to Nora Vivian Coe, a daughter of James and Elizabeth Criner Coe. They were parents of Harvey, Gertrude, Robert, Theodore (Ted), Dale, Betty and James. Both Harvey and Gertrude died in early adulthood.

Lyman and Nora moved to the Hurricane area in the late 1920’s where all their children attended school and grew up. They farmed for a while and Mr. Smith did various jobs, while Mrs. Smith stayed at home raising the family. When Union Carbide Corporation began operations in the Kanawha Valley in the 1930’s, Mr. Smith was employed there, where he worked until his retirement.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Smith moved to 2930 Putnam Avenue, Hurricane, where they resided for many years. Later they moved to Hurricane Avenue where they lived the remainder of their lives. During the Depression Years, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, like most families of that era, worked hard but enjoyed the work providing for their family. They raised big gardens and preserved, pickled and canned every kind of food available. They made barrels of kraut and other pickled vegetables. They also were experts in preserving unusual foods, such as barrels of sulphured apples, a procedure which their neighbors learned from them and sometimes followed. Dale and Barbara Smith are parents of three sons-Rickey, Kevin and Matthew. Their son, Rickey, has two children – twins, Brian and Brandon.

James and Shirley Smith have five children – Jerry, Kathy, Jeffrey, Robin and Jamie. Their son, Jerry, has two children – Crystal and Travis. Another son, Jeffrey, is father of two – Joshua and Kelly. Their daughter, Mrs. Robin Rymer, has three daughters – Mamie, Sarah and Mary.

Lyman E. and Nora Coe Smith spent the greater part of their lives in the Hurricane area, where they made many friends and contributed greatly to their community. They are survived by four sons, one daughter, eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

The family of Lyman Earl and Nora Coe Smith call Hurricane “home” and all live in, or not too far from, the area. Robert and Rosemary Smith live in Hurricane; Ted Smith resides in Barboursville; Dale and Barbara Smith live in Point Pleasant, West Virginia; and Miss Betty Smith lives in Charleston where she works for the State of West Virginia; and James and Shirley Smith live in Hurricane.


A digital copy of the Centennial History can be obtained from the Hurricane City Hall for a small donation. For more information, call the City of Hurricane at (304) 562-5896.

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