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The Centennial History of Hurricane: Meet Some of Hurricane’s Oldest Families

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. Since the Centennial History is now out of print, the Breeze is reprinting articles from the book as space allows. This week’s selection will be the 210th installment of the Centennial History.


Submitted by Charlotte Thompson

Ora Smith was born November 6, 1905, to Lewis and Elizabeth Ruby Smith. She grew up on Peach Ridge in Hurricane. She married Ralph L. Miller in 1922, and they moved to Huntington. They had five girls. Elizabeth, Katherine, Donaldeen, Charlotte and Connie.

Elizabeth was born March 27, 1925. She married Douglas Semones. She gave birth to a son, Paul Douglas. Elizabeth died two years later. Katherine was born March 3, 1927. She married James Damron. She gave birth to two daughters, Karen and Patricia. Karen is married to Mark Barrett. They have two daughters, Melissa and Meredith. Patricia married Mark Evans. They have one adopted daughter, Kathleen Marie. Donaldeen was born December 30, 1928 and married William Stewart. She had one son, Alan, and three daughters, Cheryl, Linda and Julie. Charlotte was born September 29, 1930 and married Bryan Thompson. She gave birth to two sons, Ronald and David, and two daughters, Rebecca and Tara. David married Sheila Tate. Rebecca, who was married to Dwight Williamson, has three daughters, Tracy, Crystal and Natalie. Tara, who was married to Dennis Dillon, has one daughter, Melody Starr. Connie was born on July 23, 1943. She married Carl Longnecker and has two daughters, Candy and Cinnamon, and one son, Carl, Jr. Ora and Ralph have fourteen grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren.


A digital copy of the Centennial History can be obtained from the Hurricane City Hall for a small donation. For more information, call the City of Hurricane at (304) 562-5896.

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