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Covid Update — How Bad Is It?

Putnam’s Covid-19 active case number dropped to 736 on Monday after hitting 902 on Sunday, January 23, 2022. The 902 active cases were the highest since December 9, 2020, when 969 active cases were reported by the DHHR.

The Omnicron variant is every bit as infectious as promised. Total confirmed and probable cases since the onset of the pandemic in Putnam was 14,124 on Tuesday of this week. Of that total, 22.3% or 3,152 were registered since January 1 of this year.

How bad is Omnicron? It is bad but only bad enough to increase to active case number by 250. The 3,152 new cases since January 1 has only produced a 250 increase in active cases. This low increase means that bouts with Omnicron are shot and the vast majority of its victims are experiencing rapid recoveries.

Sadly, four county residents succumbed to the disease between January 1st and the 24th. Putnam’s Covid death total stood at 151 on the 24th.

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