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An Enchanted Daddy Daughter Tea Party

Little girls got to dress up in pretty dresses and spend quality time with their fathers at the Enchanted Daddy Daughter Tea party held on Sunday, February 13. The event, which was hosted by Valley Cakes and Cafe, was held at the Valley Park Convention Center in Hurricane.

Beauty and the Beast, portrayed by Lela Simpkins and Ryan Nelon, employees with Valley Cakes, were present to interact with the children. A dance floor was set up so that all the little girls could dance with their fathers and with Belle.

Children could also make canvases featuring Belle’s dress at the So-Kai Kidz Clubhouse table. The dresses were made with ribbons, sparkle gem stickers, and washi tape.

“I think it turned out fabulous with all the dads and granddads who came out,” said Pam Fisher, owner of Valley Cakes and Cafe.

This will be the third year that Valley Cakes has hosted the Daddy Daughter Tea.

Upcoming events hosted by Valley Cakes include a Mad Hatter Tea Party for Easter, and a large princess party sponsored by Crede Lawn and Landscaping in conjunction with Crede the Realtor.

“It’s all about the memories that are made at these events,” said Fisher, relating that she tears up just thinking about it. “I would like to thank the community for all their support.”

Lela Simpkins and Ryan Nelon played the parts of Beauty and the Beast. (Photo by Betsy Allen)
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