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Hurricane City Council Recognizes Young Writers Winner

On Monday, May 2, Ivy Ware was honored and recognized by the Hurricane City Council for being named the 2022 West Virginia Young Writers Winner at the Grade 1-2 Level.

Ivy is a second grader at West Teays Elementary. Her story, “A Magical Day,” will be recognized at the state level on May 13, 2022, at the Young Writers Day celebration and ceremony at the University of Charleston.

The West Virginia Young Writers Contest is sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Education and the Central West Virginia Writing Project. The contest has been an annual event since 1984. It is designed to promote writing in West Virginia’s schools.

The annual Young Writers Contest recognizes excellence in writing by each county’s most talented students in 1st through 12th grades.

Ivy wrote her story during a 40-minute class session. Her teacher, Kristina Painter, said that every words was Ivy’s. “I did not change a single word.”

Ivy’s story follows:

A Magical Day

The birds were chirping outside as the clouds swiftly drifted across the bright sky. Golden sunlight covered the ground. I grabbed my sunglasses and slipped out the door. I ran through the wet puddles to get into my treehouse. I looked out the window and saw bunnies hopping on the leaves and bees on dandelions. Suddenly a glowing light showed up on the pale green leaves. Silver dust led me through the woods. I came to a stop when a soft sound filled the air. I looked down and gasped. Tiny people with wings dressed in miniature clothes were fluttering in the air.

I looked at one walking on the dirt closely, her hair was braided with little daisies, her outfit was made from flowers and leaves. When I realized what she was, I gasped! SHE WAS A FAIRY! I quickly took a step back, it felt like time had stopped. Everyone was staring at me and they all froze in horror. Both the little fairy and I took a tiny step forward. I bent down slightly and picked up the little person and placed her in the center of my palm. A small grin lit up her face.

Suddenly, a huge rumble fell across the floor of the forest. They all screamed in a high-pitched voice. “The giants are coming!” one shouted. “What are the giants?” I asked trying to talk over the loud sound. No one answered, but the noise was getting even closer! I ran behind a tree hoping not to get swept up by the horrifying ogre. Big footsteps came stomping in like boulders. Then, the huge monster came bounding in. Boom! Boom! Boom! My eyes flew open. My teacher was standing over me saying, “Wake up! It’s your turn to read.” Was I dreaming?

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