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Centennial History of Hurricane (1994 Edition): William Earl Thompson and Mrs. E. Forrest Jones

William Earl Thompson, Putnam County School Superintendent in front of his house “Williarose” after his wife Rose and himself.

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. In 1994, the Centennial Committee published a follow up book which included family histories which were not submitted in time for the 1988 Centennial History. This week’s selection is the 48th history from The Centennial History of Hurricane WV Continued — 1994.

Submitted by Ruth Mary Thompson Jones

This picture shows William E. Thompson standing in front of the “homeplace,” a house that stood on a farm that had been in his family for a number of years.

The house still stands about 1/2 mile out Sycamore Road on the left. He had purchased the farm from Taz Oxley about 1915. It is not known who built the house but it was obviously built prior to 1900.

When World War I began, Mr. Thompson was inducted and sent to Maine where his wife and three children later joined him. After the war, tltey returned to Hurricane and bought the house on the comer of Reynolds Street and Putnam Avenue (this house later owned by Dr. Parker). They lived there until the mid-1930’s when they returned to the farm. They remodeled the house adding a new front porch and fireplace. The most convenient place for the fireplace was on the front wall, thus part of the brick chimney is seen in the picture.

Sometime later, the children had a hand in naming the house/farm, combining the names of William and Rose – ”Williarose.”

Mr. Thompson was an educator most of his life, serving as County Superintendent for 12 years, from 1923 to May 17, 1935. He then served for a time as principal of Hurricane Grade School.

Following in their fathers footsteps, his three daughters, Florence, Mary Ruth and Frances, became teachers. His son, William J. was Circuit Court Judge in Kanawha County for 16 years. The other son, James Lee, served Putnam County first as Prosecuting Attorney and then was also Circuit Court Judge for 16 years.


Family portrait with Mother of the Year, Mrs. E. Forrest (Ruth Mary) Jones.

West Virginia’s Mother of the Year, Mrs. E. Forrest (Ruth Mary) Jones was the mother of the year in 1976. On the arms of the Chair are twins Frances and Florence. Standing are Ruth Ellen, E. Forrest Jones and Estill Forrest Jones.

All the children agreed that the chief characteristics of their mother was “a demand for excellence.”

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