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County Commission Approves $15 Million Revenue Bond Issuance

The Putnam County Commission met for 55 minutes on Tuesday, June 13. One minute of that time was devoted to an ordinance that provide a means to fund a fiber optic network that will benefit the most populated areas of the county. After a 30-second public hearing in which no one spoke, the Commission held the second reading and voted unanimously to approve the ordinance. The ordinance authorizes the Putnam County Building Commission to issue revenue bonds which will provide up to $15 million to fund the fiber broadband network project. The ordinance authorizes the conveyance of all real and personal property constituting the Putnam County Courthouse to the Putnam County Building Commission for the purpose of providing security for the bonds.

Sheriff Bobby Eggleton used the June 13 commission meeting to publicly recognize the actions of two deputies. The Sheriff presented life-saving medals to Deputy Adam Walters and Deputy Matthew Wood.

Deputy Walters, in responding to an accident on U.S. 35 on March 30, cut the seat belt of a semi-conscious female passenger and carried her to safety shortly before the wrecked vehicle became fully engulfed by flames. On May 30th, Deputy Wood arrived at an auto accident scene in Bancroft and found the female driver to be profusely bleeding from severed arteries in both legs. Wood applied a tourniquet to one leg and applied pressure to prevent blood loss from the other. He applied a second tourniquet when assistance arrived.

In other business, the Commission appointed Adam Sigman to the Planning Commission; Charlie Cain and A.J. Shinn to the Fire Service Board; and Kraig Barker, Wanda Marks, Mike Mullins, and Rich Pullin to the 911 Advisory Board. All appointments were to terms set to expire on June 30, 2026.

The Commission is next slated to meet Tuesday, June 27th at 5:00 p.m.

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