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Hurricane Voters Extend Special Levy through 2026-27

When the votes were counted, the City of Hurricane June 13 Election results produced no surprises. The incumbent Citizens Party candidates were unopposed and were elected to terms set to expire on December 31, 2026. All future City of Hurricane Elections will coincide with the General Election held in non-Presidential election years.

The City’s Special Excess Levy was renewed for two additional fiscal years. Hurricane voters approved a five-year extension of the Special Levy through the 2024-2025 fiscal year in January of 2020. All future Special Levy elections will be held in conjunction with the Primary or General Election conducted in non-Presidential election years.

Only 88 voters made their way to City Hall to mark their ballots. One voter cast a provisional ballot. The Special Levy extension was approved by a 70-17 margin (80%).

Other results are as follows:

Scott Edwards, Mayor – 78; Linda Gibson, Recorder – 81; Steve Goff, Councilperson – 77; Marshall Ginn, Councilperson – 78; Gerry Spears, Councilperson – 72; Reggie Billups, Councilperson – 75; Al Howard, Councilperson – 74

The City Council will meet on Friday, June 23, to certify the vote count and make the election official.

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