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ELECTION WATCH 2024: Candidate Filing Period to Close on January 27

Come May 14th, the attention of Putnam County (and all other West Virginia) voters will be directed at individuals who are seeking free rent at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. The chance that a single vote will decide any election is exceedingly small — smaller for the Office of President than for any other office.

A single vote has a much greater chance of deciding a local election than a national one. Come May 14, county voters and county voters alone will elect a Circuit Court Judge (8-year term), a Family Court Judge (8-year term), three Magistrates (4-year terms), and two members to the Board of Education (4-year terms). Putnam voters will also select Republican and Democratic candidates to be listed on the November General Election ballot. Voters will determine the candidates for County Commissioner, Assessor, Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, State Senate (4th and 8th Districts), and House of Delegates (19th, 20th and 21st Districts).

Each and every potential candidate has until midnight on January 27 to have his or her name placed on the May 14th ballot. There is a filing fee — in most cases 1 % of the annual salary. Filing for the House of Delegates is less, just $100, and filing for the Board of Education is set at $25.

Monday, January 8, was Day One of the the filing period. Filing for local office with Putnam County Clerk Brian Wood were Andy Skidmore (R) for County Commission and Bobby Eggleton (R) for Sheriff.

Filing with the Secretary of State in Charleston were Amy Nichole Grady (R) for State Senate, 4th District; Glenn Jeffries (R) for State Senate, 8th District; and Kathie Hess Crouse (R) for 19th House of Delegate District.

While not filing on January 8th, a number of individuals filed pre-candidacy papers during 2023. Pre-candidacy filings allow a candidate to solicit and accept political donations for their campaigns.

Candidates who filed pre-candidacy papers and the date on which they filed follows: Assessor – Gary Warner (10-11-23); Sheriff – Bobbie Eggleton (6-9-23); Prosecuting Attorney – Kris Raynes (4-13-23); Magistrate [Division 3] – Sarah Weaver (11-29-23), Magistrate [Division 3] – Eric Weaver (12-4-23); Circuit Judge – Phillip Stowers (4-10-23), Circuit Judge – Jon Hoover (6-2-23); State Senate District 4 – Amy Nichole Grady [R]; State Senate District 8 – Glen Jeffries [R]; House of Delegates District 19 – Kathie Hess Crouse R, House of Delegates District 19 – Jesse Lovejoy R, House of Delegates District 19 – Debbie Deweese R; House of Delegates District 20 – Sarah Drennan R, House of Delegates District 20 – Jacob Losh R; and House of Delegates District 21 – Jarred Cannon R

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