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WV American Water Customers to See 8% Rate Increase

State regulators have approved an 8 percent increase in water and sewer rates for the average customers of the West Virginia-American Water Co. The new rates became effective Saturday, February 24th.

Under its 58-page ruling, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia said the average water bill (3,400 gallon usage) should increase by $5.69 a month, and sewer bills should increase by $5.59 a month.

The company filed for a 22.5 percent increase in rates on May 1, 2023, or a total of $41.2 million. After the Commission allocated a portion of sewer costs to the water operations, the water increase rose to $43 million, or 24 percent.

The company’s original $51 million increase application proposed a $10 million decrease in its Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC), which is used to pay to improve the systems distribution lines and systems.

The net effect of the Commission’s decision released Saturday is to approve a $15 million revenue increase, or an 8 percent increase in rates, instead of 24 percent, after the elimination of the DSIC charge and an allocation of some sewer rates to water.

The impact on a residential customer using 3,400 gallons of water per month will take the monthly water bill from $71.10 to $76.79.

Water customers of the City of Hurricane, by comparison, are charged $55.62 for 3,400 gallon usage under the rates approved earlier this year. Putnam PSD customers, using 3,400 gallons, currently see $32.15 monthly bills.

For sewer operations, the West Virginia American originally requested an increase of approximately $471,000, or approximately 25 percent. The Commission order approved a net revenue increase of approximately $147,000. The impact on a residential customer using 3,400 gallons of water per month will be take the average monthly sewer bill from $69.92 to $75.51.

The City of Hurricane monthly sewer bill for 3,400 gallon water usage is $42.85 and the Putnam PSD sewer bill for this usage is $43.83.

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