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Civil War in Putnam County Relived

Philip Hatfield chats with guests following his presentation as he signs copies of his latest book, A History of Putnam County, West Virginia in the Civil War.

Author and historian, Phillip Hatfield brought history to life at the Hurricane Municipal Building on Saturday, March 2nd, where he described the battles, skirmishes, and guerrilla warfare which occurred in Putnam County during the Civil War.

Hatfield explained the role which geography played in creating the deep divisions which existed before and during the war. Differing political views resulted in divisions within families. Hatfield said that he found between 15 and 20 instances of family division in Putnam County.

The when, where, and why of that which transpired in Putnam County during that time is addressed in Hatfield’s latest book, A History of Putnam County, West Virginia in the Civil War. Published in 2023, the book can be purchased on Amazon, and at the 35th Star Publishing website, located at 35thstar.com.

Hatfield hosted a book-signing following his presentation.

Hatfield’s earlier books include Sacrifice All for the Union (about Captain John Young, a Union soldier from Putnam County); The Battle of Hurricane Bridge (about the titular Civil War battle which was fought in 1863 near the new Hurricane Bridge Park on Midland Trail); The Rowan Rifle Guards (about a volunteer rifle company from Salisbury, North Carolina, during the Civil War); and The Other Feud (about the Civil War career of William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield). These books can also be purchased from Amazon or 35th Star Publishing.

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