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COUNTY COMMISSION NEWS: Putnam Commission Hears Budget Requests

The February 27 meeting of the Putnam County Commission featured budget presentations by agencies which are dependent in part upon the County Commission for funding. Each of these agencies receives partial funding from other sources or generates revenue from services or activities which they offer.

Making presentations were Morganne Tenney, Putnam County Development Authority Board; Kelli Steele, Putnam County Convention & Visitors Bureau; Megan Tarbett, Putnam County Library; Krista Snodgrass, Putnam County Fair Board; Justin Williams, Putnam County Parks & Recreation; Jamey Hunt, Day Report; Tim Sayre, WVU Extension.

Of these agencies, only the Putnam County Fair Board and Putnam County Parks & Recreation are dependent upon revenue derived from public admission fees. Krista Snograss informed the commission that increased costs, particularly entertainment, will result in an increase for daily admission to this year’s fair. The daily charge for the July 12-20 fair will be $15.

Justin Williams reported that admission to the Wave Pool at Valley Park will be the same as in 2023.

Jamey Hunt informed the commission that Day Care will not require as much funding as in 2023 because his agency has obtained additional funding from revenue generated by providing drug testing.

Kelli Steele informed the commission that the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau expects to see an 8% increase in revenue from hotel/motel tax collections.

In public comment for things not included in the meeting agenda, four individuals addressed the commission concerning the re-zoning of 36 acres in Fraizers Bottom from Suburban Commercial to High Density Commercial. Questions concerning West Virginia’s Sunshine Laws and the use of Non Disclosure Agreements went unanswered.

The next Putnam County Commission meeting will be Tuesday, March 12, at 9:00 a.m.

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