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Putnam County Commission News

The Putnam County Commission has taken a giant step in opening its meetings to all and making attending as easy as going to http://putnamcountygov.com/ and following the links to County Commission and clicking on Next Meeting Agenda and going to the YouTube address listed.

As of Tuesday, March 16, some 24 individuals had used this means to attend the February 25 meeting and 69 more to attend the March 9 meeting.

A brief summary of the March 9 meeting follows.

A resident of Deerfield Estates made plea for the Commission to help in making city water service to be extended to all Deerfield residents. Commissioner Ron Foster stated that he will place Deerfield residents on the agenda for the Commission’s March 25 meeting. Foster also directed County Manager Jeremy Young to include Deerfield in any future water service feasibility study.

The Commission approved awarding an Ambulance bid of $93,968 to Northwest Emergency Vehicles. Northwest was the only bidder which could satisfy the 90-day delivery requirement.

A Lake Chadesa resident presented Commission with the need to address a water drainage problem from a culvert which goes under State Route 34. The Commission asked County Attorney Larry Frye to review a copy of the original agreement filed with Putnam County Planning Commission to determine the party responsible for the culvert condition.

The Commission heard, but did not act upon, budgets requests by Ashley Deal and Justin Williams for Putnam Parks and Recreation, Lolita Kirk for the Putnam County Health Department, Mark Sorsaia for the Prosecuting Attorney’s office, County Clerk Brian Wood and Circuit Clerk J.J. Mullins for their offices. Sheriff Bobby Eggleton and Assessor Gary Warner also made their department needs known.

The Commission voted to modify the existing ordinance related to Abandoned and Dilapidates Structures such that property owners would be required to address complaints in more quickly.

The Commission designated Silling Associates as architect for new sheriff’s facility. Silling submitted a projected cost of $334,333.

At its February 25 meeting, the Putnam County Commission divided time between addressing formal complaints regarding dilapidated and abandoned structures and hearing budget requests from Putnam County Libraries, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Development Authority, and County Day Report.

After reviewing the present status of dilapidated and abandoned properties for which complaints have been received, the commission took the following actions:

116 Marina Park – official notification of property owner
21 Bette Lane – rejected notification, referred back to DAEA Board
4728 Teays Valley Road – rejected notification, referred back to DAEA Board
2793 Peach Ridge Road – official notification to be made to property owner
212 Poplar Fork Road – issued 60 day notice to comply
3735 Teays Valley Road – issued 60 day notice to comply
210 Lakeview Drive, Winfield – issued 60 day notice to comply
2987 McLane Pike – issued 60 day notice to comply

The next regular meeting of the County Commission will be Thursday, March 25, at 5:30 p.m.

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