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Putnam Records 100th Covid Death

The DHHR reported the deaths of 16 West Virginians on April 15. Among the coronavirus victims was a 62-year old male from Putnam, the 100th Covid death in the county. Seven county residents have succumbed to the disease in the last two weeks.

The deaths per thousand residents in Putnam since the beginning of the pandemic is 1.8. In comparison, both Cabell and Kanawha are higher with death per thousand counts of 2.0 and 1.9, respectively. Statewide, deaths per thousand average 1.6.

On the DHHR Covid-Alert Map of April 20, Putnam displayed an orange coloration with a percent positivity of 5.6%, while Cabell showed green with a percent positivity of 1.8% and Kanawha was gold with a 4.9% positivity.

The purpose of the map was originally intended to reflect the danger of the disease. The map was used to determine the instruction that county school systems were required to provide until the DHHR and others determined that the discontinuing of in-person instruction was more detrimental to students than Covid-19. Today, the map does not have a use.

The map is still regarded as measure severity of the virus. While a measure, it was never a measure of the danger within a county of contracting the disease. A direct measure of danger of contracting the disease is the number of active cases per one thousand population. The actual danger in Putnam, Cabell, Kanawha and West Virginia statewide per thousand on Tuesday, April 20, determine by active case numbers was Putnam – 6.4, Cabell – 3.7, Kanawha – 4.9, and West Virginia – 4.1.

From an active case determination, Putnam would seem to be an undesirable location. The active case numbers are projected to rapidly nosedive when the number of vaccinations increase. On Tuesday, April 20, the percentage of fully vaccinated citizens in Putnam was 25.4.

The county is likely to remain a hot spot for the virus until the percentage fully vaccinated nears 50%. There will be unnecessary Covid deaths until that time.

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