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Bridge Park Playground Waiting For Fun

Hurricane’s Bridge Park is now home to a Bears Playground, constructed using northern white cedar logs of sufficient size to withstand playful visits from the state’s black bear families.

The playground comes with a nine year warranty but is designed to last much longer. Mike, who has been with Bear Playgrounds for nine years, reports that he has moved 20-year old units and found the white cedar to be in perfect shape.

The entire structure was assembled by a Bears Playgrounds crew consisting of Justin and Curtis along with Mike in less than five days. The three spend extended periods on the road hip hopping from one state to another.

The crew travels as light as possible, utilizing local companies for materials as concrete and equipment rentals. The next stop for the three will be Duluth, Georgia, followed by stops in North Carolina, New York and Maine.

The three stated that West Virginia’s terrain and friendly people are much like that around Lima, New York, the home of Bears Playgrounds.

Visitors to Hurricane Bridge Park can expect to see a lot of activity in coming days. Pickleball courts will soon be joining the playground and the youth football facility as finished projects. Construction of ball fields on the acreage on the other side of Hurricane Creek is expected to start in late fall.

The concrete used to set this pole was purchased at Home Depot in Teays Valley.
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