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Wildflowers Fill Spring Woods with Shades of Blue

Spring always brings an abundance of wildflowers. Every April, sections of woods along Hurricane Creek Road have an abundance of pale purplish blue flowers that can be seen from the highway. These flowers are called Wild Blue Phlox, and clusters of them tend to grow in wooded areas along the left side of the road going towards Winfield. Wild Blue Phlox is very fragrant and attracts butterflies and other pollinators.

Another wildflower that is growing in the woods right now is Dwarf Larkspur. This smaller, bluebell-like plant has dark purple flowers. They are not as visible from the road, but can be found growing alongside Wild Blue Phlox.

Several varieties of trilliums grow in West Virginia. I discovered a trillium variety called Toadshade growing alongside the phlox and larkspur. Toadshade has dark maroon flowers, mottled green leaves, and a dark greenish-purple berry.

Lady’s Slipper is also another unique wildflower which blooms in woodlands this time of year. This wild orchid has unique pink and white blossoms on tall stems. The flowers resemble slippers, giving them their name.

There are many other spring woodland wildflowers growing right now, but these are four which really stand out.

Lady’s Slipper (Photo by Betsy Allen)
Dwarf Larkspur (Photo by Betsy Allen)
Toadshade Trillium (Photo by Betsy Allen)
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