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Vaccinations Not Slowing Putnam Covid Infections

If pandemic history were to repeat, Covid-19 would disappear when between 60 to 70 percent of the population were either vaccinated or has developed virus antibodies due to exposure.

Herd immunity to common forms of influenza does not happen because the virus mutates faster than 60 to 70% of the population can develop antibodies. Medical experts fear the Covid-19 may be manifesting mutation rates which are too fast for 60 to 70% immunity to be realized.

The Fizer and Moderna vaccines function differently than vaccines for common influenza. Fizer and Moderna attack the virus by disrupting Covid’s ability to bind to human host tissue. The vaccines cause the human body to develop antibodies which make the spikes of the corona virus useless appendages. There is no evidence that the rapid mutation of the Covid virus has reduced the 90-plus percent effectiveness of the two vaccines.

That said, a fast mutating corona virus can only be neutralized by a 60-70% vaccination rate.

Putnam County has a long way to go before herd immunity threatens the virus’ continued existence. On Monday, May 17, the DHHR reported that 37% of Putnam’s 56,450 residents were fully vaccinated. The number of county residents seeking first-time Covid shots in May is half the number which sought to be vaccinated in late March. The reluctance to vaccination is becoming a deterrent to herd immunity ever being realized.

The vaccination rate in Putnam County is greater than the state average. Putnam’s higher vaccination rate, however, is not high enough to slow infections. Putnam’s infection rate is higher than the state average. There were only 19 counties with higher infection rates on Monday, May 17.

The percentage of fully vaccinated residents at 37% is not getting the job done.

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