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Hypocrite’s Choice

Delegate Joe Jeffries has been caught in the very act of hypocrisy. When he ran for office, he touted family values. His reported behavior at the Capitol in Charleston and on social media are inconsistent with those values.

His accusers include members of both the Republican and Democratic parties and Gov. Justice.

John Findlay, Executive Director of the Republican Party said, “Through his poor judgment and actions, Delegate Jeffries has brought shame to himself, his office, his constituents, and our Party.” Findlay stated that West Virginia Republican Party leadership has reached out directly to Delegate Jeffries and demanded that, at the very least, he publicly apologize for his lewd conduct.

Gov. Justice said, “I am calling on Joe to immediately resign from the House of Delegates.”

State Minority Leaders, Senator Stephen Baldwin and Delegate Doug Skaff, Jr. said, “It is time for Joe Jeffries to resign, as Governor Justice rightly said.”

The Charleston Gazette-Mail in an editorial titled “Joe Jeffries: a hypocrite judged by hypocrites” stated that if Jeffries were to apologize, it should be because he realizes his behavior is inappropriate, unbecoming of a legislator and an embarrassment to himself and the state.
What Jeffries has done he cannot undo. He is guilty of that which he is guilty. An apology does not erase that which is past. Nor would his resignation.

An apology is no more than a statement of regret for one’s actions or failures. An apology which is not followed by a change in behavior is meaningless.

Jeffries has a choice. He can rise above his failure to represent the people of the 22nd Delegate District with honor.

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