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Sweet Mama’s: Sweetness to Be Shared

Sweet Mama’s Bakery, located at the entrance to Mid Valley Plaza opposite the Hurricane Reservoir, is much more than a seller of confections.

Owners Tom and Ryan Grubbs most certainly are suppliers of sweets — sweet experiences.

“We see our customers as people who want to please family members and others. Our goal is to help them do just that by providing a wide variety of sweet things. We offer a little bit of a lot,” Tom said. “We want to be part of their sharing experience.”

Sweet Mama’s will be two years old in November. As one might surmise, the Sweet Mama name is linked to somebody’s sweet mama. It was Ryan’s mama who provided the inspiration. She founded and operated the Cranberry Faire Bakery in Charleston in the mid 1990’s. Ryan was very much a part of the family business and acquired baking expertise while attending high school and college.

The pastries which Sweet Mama’s offers include a wide variety of cookies and cupcakes, pies, cakes, cinnamon buns, tarts, eclairs, and croissants. Cannoli, tiramsu, and short bread cookies help Sweet Mama’s provide and share the taste of Italy.

Tom Grubbs is pictured replenishing the fresh pepperoni rolls supply.
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