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Dramatic Drop in Putnam Active Covid Cases

On Tuesday, September 21, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources reported 655 active cases of the coronavirus in Putnam County. The active case number rose steadily from 33 on July 9 to 1,167 on September 16. The rapid increase in case numbers during that period was the result of the Delta variant.

While the Fizer and Moderna vaccines failed to stop the Delta variant completely, the vaccines have been effective in reducing the severity of infection and have made for quick recoveries. The infection rate has plummeted because vaccinations and natural immunity have teamed to cause the Delta variant to run out of the number of hosts necessary to accelerate the spread of the disease.

The active case number has been above 655 since September 2nd. The rise from 655 to 1,167 cases required 15 days. The equivalent drop took just 4 days. If the turnaround continues at the present rate, Putnam will be saying good bye to its red coloration on the DHHR Covid Alert Map. Putnam has shown red since September 1st.

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