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Covid Update: County Active Case Numbers Continue Drop

Putnam’s active case number hit a high of 1,167 on September 16 and has been declining ever since. During the last seven days, however, the decline was only 23 cases.

Unfortunately, death was the reason for nine of the fewer active cases.

Some Covid victims struggle with the virus for months before succumbing to or recovering from the disease. Vaccinated individuals who experience breakthrough infections typically recover within a few days.

In 2020, Putnam’s active case number doubled between September 16 and October 26, rising from 117 to 235.

Putnam’s active Covid case number on Tuesday, October 26, was 268.

Comparing 2020 and 2021 numbers is somewhat like comparing apples and oranges because the doubling of active cases in 2020 occurred during a period in which many Putnam children were isolated and received virtual instruction at home. This year, active cases dropped by a factor of four in the same period while the schools remained open and many students declined to wear masks.

The single best explanation of the decline in active cases is the effectiveness of the vaccine. The DHHR is recommending booster shots for individuals who received their second shot more than six months ago. Since each vaccine works differently, a booster shot with a vaccine different from that of the first two has an increased potential to throttle the virus.

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