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Redistricting to Change Voting Location for Some

When election day rolls around next year, most Putnam voters will continue to vote in the same precinct and at the same location as in past elections — most, but not all. Precinct 32 (Fraziers Bottom area) will disappear. A portion of 32 will be joined with a small section of Precinct 30 (Pliny area) to form Precinct 3. The southern portion of Precinct 32 will become part of existing Precinct 31 (area north of Hurricane). The division of Precinct 32 and creation of the new Precinct 3 was made necessary by the new delegate district lines which were approved by the West Virginia Legislature.

The new delegate district lines also made for changes in the existing bounds of Precincts 27, 28, 29 and 43 and the creation of a new Precinct 12 and Precinct 24. Precinct 12 will be made up of portions of Precincts 27 and 28. Precinct 24 is the portion of existing Precinct 29 which is south of the CSX tracks. Precinct 24 voting will be at Camp Appalachia.

For residents voting at West Teays Elementary (Precinct 43), the new delegate district lines will shift a small number into neighboring precincts. Some will be voting at Hurricane High School (Precinct 42), some at Mountain View Elementary (Precinct 29), and some at Valley Park (Precinct 33). Most who have voted at West Teays will continue to vote at the school.

The new delegate district lines mean new voting locations for some in Precinct 27. Some will vote with Precinct 41 voters at the Holiday Inn, others at Scott Teays Elementary with Precinct 25 voters, and some with Precinct 12 voters. Some Precinct 28 voters will be shifted to Precincts 11, 12 and 27.

The Putnam County Commission is expected to approve these changes in precinct boundaries at its upcoming meeting. Failure to approve the changes would require voting multiple ballots at a single precinct.

Putnam County Clerk stated that Early Voting will remain unchanged. In 2020, Early Voting was conducted at both Valley Park and at the courthouse in Winfield.

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