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Baby’s First Christmas Deadline December 9

The annual Hurricane Breeze special Christmas edition featuring Baby’s First Christmas will be published on December 23rd. Proud parents or grandparents or anyone else who wants to do something nice can enter baby by sending a photograph and some information about the baby such as birthday, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, favorite baby food, favorite toys, or just about any interesting material that you have about the baby or babies. Please be sure to state the TOWN in which the baby and their family live.

You may write up baby’s Christmas message, but it is not necessary. We can do the write up if we have the information. This is a free service. There is no charge. The deadline to submit a write up or information and photograph is December 9.

Photos and info may be submitted to our email address: [email protected]. To be eligible for Baby’s First Christmas, a baby must be born after December 25, 2020. Some late November and December babies born in 2020 may not have entered last year’s Baby’s First Christmas because photographs were not available in time to meet the deadline. These babies and these babies only are eligible for Baby’s Second Christmas. The deadline for Baby’s Second Christmas is the same as for Baby’s First Christmas, December 9.

Photographs and information may also be mailed to: Baby’s First Christmas, Hurricane Breeze, P.O. Box 310, Hurricane, WV 25526.

If you wish to have baby’s picture returned, you must do ALL of the following: (1) have baby’s name on back of picture, (2) name and address of person to whom the photograph is to be returned, and (3) a stamped, addressed envelope which matches the address on the back of the photograph. The picture should be of the baby alone unless it is baby posed with a pet. The only multiple person photos that we allow are for twins.

Please try to enter early and avoid the last minute rush.

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