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Church’s Production Bridges Cradle to Crown

Bethel Baptist Church put on a Christmas and New Years program called “From Cradle, To Cross, To Crown” on Wednesday, December 29. The production was originally scheduled to take place on the Wednesday before Christmas, but the church’s drummer and a number of cast members contracted COVID and had to quarantine. Undaunted, the church decided to have a combined Christmas and New Years celebration on the following Wednesday.

The new time was, in a way, more fitting for “From Cradle, To Cross, To Crown” as it shifted the focus of the production to the Cross and the Crown.

The first part of the production featured a cowboy themed skit put on by the youth of the church, as well as a nativity scene and a reading from Luke 2. The second half was a cantata performed with the church choir singing hymns and carols which honed in upon the message of “From Cradle, To Cross, To Crown.” The production culminated with an original song by Michael Ross. His composition, “Take Me to the Manger,” was, indeed, a message “From Cradle, To Cross, To Crown.”

The youth of Bethel Baptist Church put on a cowboy-themed skit during the Christmas program. Shown above are Angie Godby as Calamity Claire, Hagan Wickline as Wild Bill, and Chase Brewer as Rowdy. (Photo by Betsy Allen)
Robin Rogers leads the choir in singing Christmas songs. (Photo by Betsy Allen)
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