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Hurricane High’s Show Choirs Show Off in Performance Debut

Hurricane High School’s two show choirs, Red Hot and Heat Wave, held their annual dinner theater last weekend, January 7th through 9th.

During the dinner theater portion of the show, students performed solos in the school gymnasium, while other students served the guests their meals. Rudi Arrowood, owner of Putnam Princess Parties LLC, served as this year’s master of ceremonies. Door prize drawings were held throughout the event.

Heat Wave, Hurricane High’s all-girl show choir, debuted their competition performance first. The show had the theme of “Shoes,” and featured songs about shoes and shopping. Some of the song lyrics were altered to fit the show’s theme; George Harrison’s “I Got My Mind Set On You” became “I Got My Mind Set On Shoes.” The show had a lighthearted, exuberant mood, with many shoe-related puns.

The Red Hot Show Choir’s competition show had the theme of “Spies and Secrets.” Performers dressed up as secret agents, with boys in tuxedos and girls in fancy red cocktail dresses with half of a red trench coat to symbolize the spy theme. They danced to themes from the James Bond film “Skyfall,” the Mission Impossible theme, and other exciting songs. The grand finale featured the song “Four Minutes to Save the World” by Madonna, Timbaland, and Justin Timberlake. As the song played, a countdown timer on a screen above the stage ticked off the seconds. When the dancers finished their performance, the words “Mission Completed” showed over the screen.

This weekend, Red Hot and Heat Wave will be traveling to Beavercreek, Ohio, for a competition. The show choirs will return again to Putnam County for the Red Hot Championship held at Hurricane High School on Friday 4 through 5, and then travel to Winfield High School on February 19 for the Emerald Classic Competition.

The Red Hot Show Choir was founded in 1992 under the direction of Kristin Ball, and featured thirty-six singers and dancers, eight musicians, and two stage crew. Over the years, the show choir has competed at high schools throughout the region and has earned many awards for its spectacular performances. Heat Wave, an all-girls show choir, was formed in 2015 under the direction of Joseph Kincaid.

Members of the Red Hot Show Choir include sopranos Olivia Akins, Jordyn Arey, Autumn Cooper, Emma Cox, Leila Johnston, Jillian Noel, Brezza Searles, Joscelyn Singletary, Lillian Tolliver; mezzo sopranos Sadie Cain, Addison Chaffin, Alex Cook, Sarah Daugherty, Natalie Elgin, Paige Galvan, Mia Gaynor, Hailey Kincaid, Malia McCann-Coles, Caroline McLaury, Emma Sutherland; altos Tatum Bell, Brooklyn Carney, Lauren Casto, Caroline Damron, Skylar Elliott, Natalie Freas, Mia Green, Olivia Haught, Kristen Shaffer, Haven Steele; tenors Ethan Adkins, Bradley Browning, Triston Criswell, Chase Cumptan, Jayden Ellis, Cooper Holland, Cole Lemons, Matthew Linville, Dante McKinney, Carter Parsons, Quinn Robie, Brogan Ward; basses Gage Bailey, Brian Eddy, Matthew Ferris, Ethan Grose, Dominick Harless, James Mullins, Elias Pendleberry, Garrett Racer, Gregory Sansom, Wesley P. Smith, Tanner Sutherland, Jacob Wiley.

Members of Heat Wave include Mia Adams, Olivia Akins, Lily Alford, Kylie Anderson, Emma Booda, Alyssa Brawley, Laynee Caldwell, Brooklyn Carney, Candace Clark, Alex Cook, Emma Cox, Sarah Daugherty, Leila Davis, Grace Drake, Skylar Elliott, Mia Gaynor, Kaitlyn Gooch, Chelsie Johnson, Lily Johnson, Leila Johnston, Haley Jones, Ashtyn Kruegar, Lydia Lambert, Mikaylah Lippert, Kendall Marcum, Shayla Marshall, Malia McCann-Coles, Jana Naylor-Aten, Evelynn Norris, Bella Paxton, Arika Quinlan, McKenzie Robertson, Grace Robie, Brooklyn Russell, Olivia Smith, Reagan Smith, Haven Steele, Haven Steele, Emma Sutherland, Leeara Thompason, Molly Thorner, Riley Thornhill, Lillian Tolliver, Zoe Watson, Chloe Weeks, McKenzie Wilson.

Instrumentalists include Brett Berner (Trombone), Braden Burnside (Drums), Dylan Crane (Tenor Saxophone), Grace Davis (Keyboard), Alex Dorsey (Alto Saxophone), Connor Edwards (Trumpet), Mikenna Ferguson (Trumpet), Nate Harrah (Trumpet), Kylee Hodges (Trombone), Caleb Hodges (Trombone), Joshua Kerrigan (Alto Saxophone), Eli Miller (Drums), Maddie Moore (Alto Saxophone), Isaac Nossaman (Tenor Saxophone), Addison Poling (Alto Saxophone), Katelyn Siders (Alto Saxophone), Christian Woody (Tenor Saxophone), Elizabeth Yingling (Alto Saxophone).

The stage crew was composed of Laynee Caldwell, Brooke Haddox, Weston Smith, Max Fraizer, and Quinn Robie.

Olivia Akins sings “Everybody Loves Somebody.” (Photo by Betsy Allen)
The Red Hot Show Choir’s 2022 performance show featured the theme of “Spies and Secrets. (Photo by Betsy Allen)
Soloists Haley Jones, Alex Cook, and Olivia Akins sing “Boogie Shoes” and “High Top Shoes.” (Photo by Betsy Allen)
Quinn Robie sings “You Will Be Found.” (Photo by Betsy Allen)
At the end of Red Hot’s “Spies and Secrets” show, the message “Mission: Completed” scrolled across the television screens in the lighted backdrop. (Photo by Betsy Allen)
The Heat Wave performs. (Photo by Betsy Allen)
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