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County Commission Conditionally Approves Bid for Software

At its January 27 meeting, the Commission approved a Komax bid of $22,550.00 for software for the Planning Commission providing the bid met all requirements. Komax and CDI were the only bidders.

CDI presented three bids: (1) an onsite server with a bid of $45,110.00, (2) an onsite server with a bid of $65,280.00, and (3) an offsite server with a bid of $22,550.00. Komax presented two bids: (1) an onsite server with a bid of $24,025.00 and (2) an offsite server with a bid of $25,225.00.

Komax provided a software bid on November 9, 2021, but the bid was rejected because it did not include the capability for the public to search, view, and print documents as required. When it was determined that Komax did not meet requirements, the company submitted a solution that would meet requirements with a revised bid of $25,225.00. The Commission did not accept the revised bid at that time because other software providers were not afforded the opportunity to submit bids.

At its February 8 meeting, the Commission approved the low bid of $763,600 by Telconn, Inc. for construction of the Confidence 911 tower. Premier Construction Group and Meridian Communications submitted bids of $886,685 and $1,169,751.00, respectively.

Two previous bid openings for the Confidence 911 tower were conducted on July 29, 2021 and September 14, 2021. No bid was accepted on July 29 because there was only one bid, $768,341 by Premier Construction. All September 14 bids were rejected because the low bid excluded construction which other bidders offered. Absten & Sons, Premier Construction and Telconn all submitted bids in September.

In other business on January 27, the Commission approved texts amendments to DAEA Ordinances which clearly define procedures for communications and requests for continuances and discovery.

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