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Supermarket Closing Shocks Community

The Poca Foodfair has served as the hub of the community for as long as most residents can remember. News that the store was closing came to Mayor William “Wimpy” Jones when a resident informed him of a Facebook posting.

“It came as a shock. The town did not receive a heads up of any kind. The store manager did not know that it was coming,” the mayor said. “This will be inconvenient, especially for a lot of older residents who walk to the store. We (the town) may have been able to work with the store but we did not have that opportunity.

“Our goal is to get one back. I know that there is some interest; two individuals and one chain are asking questions. I hope to know something within a week.”

One thing which is for certain is that the town’s B&O tax revenue will take a hit. Jones said that some projects may be hampered but that the town will make adjustments.

The deadline for municipalities to submit projected budgets to the State Auditor for the coming fiscal year is March 28.

The April 1 closing will require Poca residents to go elsewhere. Nitro and Cross Lanes shopping are options, albeit inconvenient.

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