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Winfield End Point of Bridge to Bridge Bike Race

The Rivers to Ridges Heritage Trail, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, will be sponsoring a Bridge to Bridge bike race from the Bartow Jones Bridge in Pt. Pleasant to the Ross Booth Memorial Bridge in Winfield on June 11.

Lowell Wilks, project coordinator for River to Ridges Heritage Trail reports that interest in the trail has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. The race is one of several which the organization is sponsoring this summer.

There are three main Heritage Trail routes with the primary route beginning in Nitro and running to Point Pleasant. The Ohio River bend excursion loop goes from Point Pleasant to Leon, while the Mary Ingles excursion loop extends through Putnam County on the south side of the Kanawha.

Historic sites on the trail system include the Nitro Wars Museum; the Hoge House in Winfield; the Winfield Bridge; the Point Pleasant Floodwall Mural; the Buffalo Historic Town Square; and Buffalo Academy. There are currently 22 historic stops on the primary and excursion loops.

The Winfield Bridge, completed in 1957, was the first bridge in the county over the Kanawha River. Prior to 1957, motorists had the choice of driving to St. Albans and crossing the Nitro Bridge or waiting on the ferry at Winfield for transport.

The Winfield Bridge was a toll bridge from 1957 until 1984.

The following articles were published in the November 29, 1957, issue of the Breeze:

Meeks Appointed Superintendent on Memorial Bridge

Robert Hannah, State Road Commission Manager, this week announced the appointment of three toll collectors and the superintendent of the new Putnam County Bridge at Winfield.

Arthur F. Meeks, Hurricane businessman, was named as Superintendent of the Bridge. Mr. Meeks, a former salesman, now operates the Main Street Lunch in Hurricane. He has four years’ clerical experience in the United States Army.

Named as toll collectors were: Novell Grant of Winfield, Rueben A. Little of Red House, and Glenville Humphreys of Poca.

Toll Rates
Mr. Hannah announced the following toll rates would be in effect on the new bridge: Automobiles (including passengers) – .20; 2-Axle Single tire Truck – .30; House Trailer – .30; 2-Axle Dual Tire Truck – .50; 3-Axle Single Unit Truck – .75; 3-Axle Trailer Unit – $1.00; 4-Axle Trailer Unit – $1.50; 5-Axle Trailer Unit – $2.50; Unusual vehicles, power shovel and other heavy equipment and machinery – $2.00; Motorcycles – .20; Automobile Trailer – .20; Buses – $1.00; Pedestrians – .05

New 3 Million Dollar Bridge To Be Dedicated

Pictured above is the three-million dollar Putnam County Bridge spanning the Kanawha River at Winfield which will be officially dedicated tomorrow (Saturday) when Governor Cecil H. Underwood will be the principal speaker. The bridge, to be known as “Memorial Bridge,” is 1,427 feet long, has a 28-foot roadway, with 940 feet of the span over water. The bridge clears water at a height of 60 feet at pool stage.

All the county high school bands will participate in the program, as well as former Gov. William C. Marland, State Road Commissioner Patrick C. Graney, Sr., Winfield Mayor Harold Bright, former Winfield Mayor Arnold R. Hodges, County Commissioners Carl B. Miller and A. C. Neal, Congressman Will E. Neal and U.S. Senator Chapman Revercomb.

The program, which will get underway at 2:00 P.M., is expected to draw a large crowd.

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