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Children Make ‘Discovery on Adventure Island’

VBS teacher Raven Schoen shows off projects for the Kindergarten through 2nd grade class. (Photo by Ron Allen)

Bethel Baptist Church of Hurricane Creek Road recently finished up its annual Vacation Bible School. The VBS program, which had the theme of Discovery on Adventure Island: The Quest for God’s Great Light, was held June 20 through 24, The program allowed children to learn about the Bible as they explored a make-believe island. Denise Erwin, VBS director, and assistant LuAnn Searls acted as lighthouse keepers on the island by helping the children find Infinity Lanterns representing love, trust, faith, joy and hope. Each evening, the children used a homemade map to solve a riddle that was related to the theme of the lesson. For example, one of the answers was found in the Old Testament Forest in the town of Genesis. All of the names and places on the map connected with books of the Bible.

Erwin says that she liked the lessons and theme of Discovery on Adventure Island, because it started in the Old Testament and went through into the New Testament. “It was all about letting God’s light shine through us into the world,” she explained.

The congregation of Bethel Baptist Church is known for going all out when it comes to decorating the sanctuary and classrooms for Vacation Bible School. In keeping with the Adventure Island theme, everything was decorated with tropical motifs.

Throughout the week, children participated in a coin challenge where they gathered up coins to donate to Camp Cowen, the West Virginia Baptist camp. This year, the boys won the challenge.

An average of sixty-four attended each night, with the totals being split evenly between children and adults. “We are happy about the people who came out,” said Erwin. “Everything was nice and relaxed. The kids enjoyed the stories.”

On the last day of the program, children enjoyed a Bible movie on an inflatable outdoor screen. A program was held on Sunday, and the children got a chance to sing songs, say memory verses, and show off the creations they had made during the week.

Teachers included Pre-K – Carrie Foster, Kayla Nuckols, Ciara King and Tiffany Wickline; K 1-2 – Raven Schoen, Loren Gibson and Holly Shawver; Class 3, 4, 5 – Robin Rogers, Debbie Loges and Hope Taylor; Middle School and High School – F. D. Searls; and Adult Class – Pastor Todd Godby, Ron Allen, and Rob Loges. The kitchen crew included Cheri Sowards, Nikki Brewer, Xylphia Beaver, Jackie Duncan and Sherri Cross.

Children raise their hands up in song during the Sunday program. (Photo by Ron Allen)
The third, fourth and fifth grade class, taught by Robin Rogers. (Photo by Betsy Allen)
These lanterns represented the themes of the various Biblical lessons taught throughout the week. (Photo by Ron Allen)
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