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Hurricane Infrastructure Response Team Completes Kentucky Flood Relief Mission

The Infrastructure Response Team repaired both water and sewer lines.

The City of Hurricane Mobile Infrastructure Response Team delivered manpower, equipment and much needed water to Whitesburg, Kentucky, last week.

The City of Hurricane crew of nine worked close to 80 hours between Monday, August 1st and Friday, August 5th. The team cleared roads, fixed water lines, and jetted out storm drains and sewer lines. The team had to build an entirely new road to Whitesburg’s water tower because the existing road was destroyed in the flooding.

The team had to cap off about twenty broken lines before city’s water service could be restored. Team leader Ronnie Woodall stated that it was necessary to refill Hurricane’s 1,000 gallon water buffalo twice before limited service could be restored. Woodall said the only available potable water was in Prestonsburg, a one hour distance. The crew utilized the metal detectors, probe bars, and the City of Hurricane vac trailer in addition to Hurricane’s water buffalo and excavator.

All told, the team contributed more than 700 man-hours to the mission.

The City of Hurricane excavator was busy clearing debris and in building a road to the Whitesburg water tank.
The Hurricane water buffalo transported water from Prestonsburg (56 miles distant) to Whitesburg.
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