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Centennial History of Hurricane (1994 Edition): The Peter Fizer, Jr. Family

Moses Leander Fizer

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. In 1994, the Centennial Committee published a follow up book which included family histories which were not submitted in time for the 1988 Centennial History. This week’s selection is the 11th history from The Centennial History of Hurricane WV Continued — 1994.


Submitted by Eloise Fizer Henderson

Peter Fizer, Jr. was born Nov. 7, 1822 in Pulaski County, Virginia. He was the son of Peter and Abigail Warner Fizer. His only known siblings were two half-brothers, Henry and Harry. After the death of his father, his mother married John Collins. About 1842-43, Peter came to the Kanawha Valley and obtained work at Malden as a cooper – making wooden barrels to ship salt in. It is not known if all of the family came at that time, but in the 1850’s, John and Abigail Collins owned a farm on Sycamore Creek, south of Hurricane, in what is still called by some, Collins Hollow.

One of Peter’s co-workers was Pleasant Roberts, who invited Peter to his home near Hurricane. There he met Margaret, oldest daughter of Pleasant and Sara Beckett Roberts, who was born May 8, 1827. Peter and Margaret were married in 1845 and lived first on a rented farm near the mouth of Buzzard Creek where their first son, William Pleasant, was born. They then moved to Harvey’s Creek where their second son, Moses L, was born. During this time, Peter was engaged in farming and timbering. A little later, in the 1850’s, they were able to purchase the old Mynes farm on Sycamore Creek and moved into the existing log house. A large two-story house was later built on the site which stood until the 1960’s. It was then torn down and a new brick home built by Lester Myers, the present owner.

When the Civil War began, Peter and son, William, (age 14) were members of the County Militia, known as (Capt. Albert J.) Becketts Co. of Cavalry. They were mustered into the Confederate Army May 16, 1861, attached first to the 2nd Kanawha Infantry, and later to the 36th Regt. Va. Infantry In November 1861, their unit became Co G, 8th Va. Cavalry. In late 1862, William transferred Co A, 36th BN Va. Cav., and died March 5, 1863, in a hospital at Salem, Va. of rubella, only 16 years old. Peter, meanwhile, was wounded when a minnie ball shattered a bone in his arm. Surgeons were able to save the arm, but it was rendered pretty much useless. Returning home from the war, Peter found his farm in a rundown condition and his stock missing. He eventually lost most of the farm but was able to keep 40 acres on Bee Branch where he built a small log home. He and his wife, Margaret, lived here the remainder of their lives. He died March 3, 1907, and Margaret died April 7, 1911. His mother, Abigail Collins, had died previously in April 1876 and was buried in the Smith Cemetery at the mouth of Sycamore. Peter and Margaret were the parents of six children:

1) William Pleasant, b. 1847. Died Mar.6, 1863 at Salem, VA., of rubella.
2) Moses Leander, b. Feb. 25 1849, See Below
3) John Harrison, b. 1851. m. Pauline “Pliney” Miller, and they had five children: Virginia Carrie, Fred, Lewis, Will and Wooten.
4) Fannie Elizabeth, b. July 16,1854. m. Ben Griffith, no children.
5) Peter Vitelus, b. April 1856. M. Cornelia Alice Miller. They were the parents of: Edgar, Alex, Tom, Marion, Charles, Carter, Romey, Imlu, Ada, and Homer C.
6) James Preston, b. 1861. m. Moriah Persinger.

They were the parents of: Will, Leonard, John, Jethro, Ezra and Emma.

Moses Leander Fizer married Christa Ann Mannon at Scottown, Ohio, September 3, 1870. They returned to Sycamore, lived for a time with his father, Peter, Jr., and then bought the Thompson farm on upper Sycamore. They later sold this farm to their son Lum and bought a farm on Laywell Creek where they lived the remainder of their lives. Their children were:

1) Margaret E., b. 8-6-1871 – d. 4-17-1943. m. Albert Rice.
2) William Osten, b. 3-10-1874 d. 3-15-1922. m. Val Garrett.
3) Lillie Bell, b. 7-4-1876 – d. 4-18-1896
4) James Columbus, b. 3-10-1874 – d. 10-8-59 See below.
5) Laura, b. 4-9-1881 d. 3-2-1922
6) Saint Louis, b. 3-13-1884 – d. 4-7-1956
7) Peter Angebine, b. 12-25-1886 – d. 12-12-1918

James Columbus “Lum” Fizer m. Jennie Laura Curry of Lincoln Co., Mar. 21, 1907. A schoolteacher she taught in Lincoln, Putnam and Cabell Counties. They were charter members of the Sycamore Baptist Church where he was Deacon, Sunday Superintendent and teacher. They were the parents of nine children who were:

1) Dana A., b. 5-24-1908 d. 3-13-1970
2) Netta A. (Fizer) Mitchell, b. 10-26-1909 -d. 9-11-1929
3) Dorthy A. (Fizer) Bays, b. 8-4-1911
4) Granville M. Fizer, b. 2-7-1913
5) Bernice (Fizer) Wheeler, b. 8-25-1914
6) Kenneth 1. Fizer, b. 12-24-1916
7) Eloise G. Fizer Henderson, b.1-24-1919
8) Nancy Ann (Fizer) Lake, b. 6-28-1922 – d. 6-18-1979
9) Gealdine (Fizer) Bowles, b. 10-22-1923

Several generations of the Fizer Family have called Hurricane “their town” and have enjoyed being a part of Hurricane and Putnam County.

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