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Centennial History of Hurricane (1994 Edition): Charles Edgar Harbour

Minor Sim Harbour, Charles E. Harbour, Charles Larry Harbour

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. In 1994, the Centennial Committee published a follow up book which included family histories which were not submitted in time for the 1988 Centennial History. This week’s selection is the 14th history from The Centennial History of Hurricane WV Continued — 1994.


Submitted by Thelma Harbour Warren

The Harbour farm near Culloden, West Virginia was first defined in 1847 through a land grant from Governor William Smith of Virginia to Jeremiah S. Kirtley. His daughter, Clarice “Kate” Kirtley, married Charles Edgar Harbour on January 19, 1866.

Charles E. Harbour was born in August, 1848 in Cabell County (later Putnam County), Virginia to David Harbour, Jr. (1809-1849) and his wife Elizabeth McCallister (1812-1869). Charles E. Harbour was a minister in the Baptist Church.

A plate now in the possession of N. W. Harbour of Huntington, West Virginia was issued as a commemorative by the Culloden Baptist Church showing Rev. Charles E. Harbour as its first pastor. The church was organized in 1899 under Rev. Harbour’s leadership, and the building erected the same year “at a cost of nearly $1,000”. The labor was donated by the approximately twelve members of the congregation. The structure was officially dedicated in 1910.

Charles E. and Clarice Kirtley Harbour (7/1851-1/6/1919) had children as follows:

Shelva Kirtley – 2/24/1867 – 1888
Mary Maggie – 9/ 1/1869 – 1940
Bettie J. – 9/7/1872 – 1/30/1954

David Frank – 6/ /1875 – 1940
Lucey (Inla?) – 6/1/1877 – 5/28/1879

Edna Kha – 1/7/1879 –

Edgar Marvin – 5/?/1881 – 12/3/1938
Fannie Pearl – 7/12/1883
Cleo B. – 1/31/1886 –
Carrie M. – 3/13/1888 –
Minor Sim – 3/ 1/1890 – 1/29/1959
Charles Larry – 2/20/1893 – 4/6/1957

The Harbour farm has passed from Charles and Clarice “Kate” Harbour to Edgar Marvin, then to Charles Larry, then to Bettie and Carrie, then to Cleo Harbour Smith. In further generations, it has come to Charles Larry Harbour (son of Minor Sim Harbour) and to his son Gregory Sim Harbour, who is presently in residence.

Rev. Charles Edgar Harbour and Clarice “Kate” Amanda Kirtley
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