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Town of Eleanor Pardons ‘Ellie’

Ellie the turkey crosses Cypress Street in Eleanor.

November is not exactly the safest month to be a turkey, but that does not stop Ellie the Turkey from roaming the streets of Eleanor. The rogue bird, which was sighted on November 8 in front of the Piggly Wiggly, has taken Facebook by storm as local residents share photos of their turkey sightings. Ellie’s presence has attracted the attention of PigPig of St. Albans, a Facebook page which shares local animal-related stories, as well as WOWK 13 News, which did a write-up on the turkey’s adventures in Eleanor.

Ellie makes her rounds up and down Route 62, frequenting the Town Hall, Fire Department, Raynes Funeral Home, Fruth’s, Walgreens, Putnam Career and Technical Center, and other businesses. She has been photographed in yards and on patios. While many reports call Ellie a wild turkey, she seems to be at home in a suburban environment. However, while Ellie does not flee at the sight of humans, she does not allow them to approach her, either.

Many people have expressed concerns on social media about Ellie’s safety, because her wanderings often take her across roads, where she could be hit by motorists. According to PigPig of St. Albans, police have had to stop traffic to help Ellie safely cross streets. There are also concerns that someone might claim her for their Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

On November 15, Mayor Cam Clendenin officially signed a proclamation to pardon Ellie, similar to the annual National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation in which the President of the United States issues a ceremonial pardon to a lucky turkey.

The proclamation is as follows:

A Proclamation by the Mayor of the Town of Eleanor, West Virginia
November 15, 2022
Proclamation No. 1, 2022
Pardoning of Ellie, the Eleanor Turkey

WHEREAS, the Town of Eleanor, proudly known as the “Cleanest Town in West Virginia,” is an animal friendly town and home to many different types of wildlife, and
WHEREAS, a new feathered-friend, a wild turkey nick-named “Ellie,” has recently been seen around the Town of Eleanor roosting and roaming in various locations throughout our town’s streets, and
WHEREAS, many of these moments of her roaming throughout town have been captured on social media, and this has brought smiles and happiness to all that happen upon them, and
WHEREAS, at the same time, the citizens of Eleanor are concerned about Ellie’s safety, and
WHEREAS, it is the overall goal for Ellie to remain happy and healthy, and possibly rescued one day by someone who can take protective care for her in accordance with all wild animal regulations provided by the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, and
WHEREAS, until that day she will continue to safely roam Eleanor’s streets and cared for by the good citizens of Eleanor.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Cam Clendenin, Mayor of the Town of Eleanor, on behalf of the Eleanor Town Council and Citizens of Eleanor, hereby pardon Ellie, the Eleanor Turkey, from any threat of harmful human intervention of consumption; and may she continue to roam freely and happily along our streets.

Mayor Cam Clendenin

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