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Centennial History of Hurricane (1994 Edition): The Kirtley Family – Jeremiah S. Kirtley

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. In 1994, the Centennial Committee published a follow up book which included family histories which were not submitted in time for the 1988 Centennial History. This week’s selection is the 22nd history from The Centennial History of Hurricane WV Continued — 1994.


Harriet A., the only daughter of Jeremiah S. Kirtley and his first wife, Susan, was born in 1836 in Orange County, Virginia. Prior to her death (and following a move into western Virginia), Susan was delivered of two sons in Cabell County, Francis (“Frank”) in 1838 and William in 1840. Harriet A. was to die of consumption in 1856 and Frank was to fall, in the service of CSA, at the Battle of Morristown, Tennessee on 12 December, 1863.

Jeremiah married Mary Elizabeth Matthews in 1844, the daughter of Dr. William Matthews. Of their six children only two lived to adulthood, Charles J. S. and Clarisse Lucinda Amanda (“Kate”). The fortunes of the family were plagued by illness and death:

Virginia A., born 1849, Charleys Creek; died of croup, 25 January, 1855. Mary E., born 16 May, 1854, Charleys Creek; died of bronchitis, 4 July, 1855.

Samuella F., born 3 September, 1856, Charleys Creek; died of croup, 10 November, 1858. John C., born Charleys Creek, 21 July 1859; died of croup, 3 December, 1859.

Jeremiah Kirtley himself died of consumption June, 1883. In 1887, Mary Elizabeth Matthews Kirtley, probably in failing health, deeded over the Charleys Creek property (the homeplace) to her daughter, Kate, and to her grandsons by C. J. S. Kirtley.

The burial sites for Joseph and Elizabeth Kirtley, Jeremiah and Mary Elizabeth Kirtley and their children (excepting Kate) remain unknown.

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