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Bridge Park Field Gets Upgrade

The fill dirt used to construct a crown for the playing surface of the Hurricane Youth League football field did what fill dirt does. It settled and settled so much in just three years that it became necessary start again.

The dirt and sand in the photo will soon be mixed, worked and redistributed to fashion a new crown which should last far longer than the playing days of the youngsters who will strive for greatness on the field when the HYFL season opens August.

The field is among the best fields, if not the very best youth football field in the state and Hurricane mayor Scott Edwards wants to keep it that way. “You cannot find a complex which has like practice fields, bleachers, parking and concessions,” the mayor stated. Edwards sees all of Bridge Park and the field to be an investment which will enrich the lives of area youths.

The City of Hurricane is providing the funding for the project. Edwards stated that the HYFL will be stepping up to put the finishing touches on the project.

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