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Entertainer Exposes ‘True Roots’ at Connolly’s Irish Pub

Chasity Dye performs at Connolly’s Irish Pub.

Local musician Chasity Dye brought her soulful country music to Connolly’s Irish Pub in Hurricane on Saturday, January 21.

Dye, a resident of Clendenin, is twenty-nine years old, and has been playing music since she was five. While guitar is her main instrument, she is also proficient with the mandolin and piano. She comes from a musical family; her mother and aunts sing and play the piano, and her brother can play multiple instruments. I got my start playing and singing with my grandma, who just recently passed away and has always supported me and made me want to pursue music,” says Dye. “My grandma and I would play in church throughout the state, as well as my mom. You could say we all have an ear for music throughout my family.”

In addition to singing and playing, Dye writes many of her own songs. “The music I play and the songs I write are ones that have a meaningful story behind them and represent my true roots,” she says. “I’ve written over 24 songs by myself, and I’m very proud of them. All of the songs I’ve written have come from the heart and my personal experiences.”

This is the first time that Dye has performed in Hurricane, and she says that she is grateful for the opportunity to entertain the patrons of Connolly’s Irish Pub for a few hours.

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