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Hurricane Traffic Stop Produces Ohio Drug Bust

On Wednesday, January 25, Cpl. Brandon Oiler of the Hurricane Police Department’s Criminal Interdiction Unit (CID) made a traffic stop in which a large amount of drugs were seized. The arrest also led to information that revealed intended destination of the drugs.

Cpl. Evan Wilson of the HPD notified authorities in Lawrence County, Ohio, of the finding.

Lawrence County Drug Task Force agents obtained a search warrant for a residence located on Township Road in Chesapeake.

Their search produced approximately 2,500 counterfeit pills, about 3,000 grams of concentrated liquid hashish oil in frozen sheets, marijuana, $3,500 in cash, and packaging and distribution materials. Police also reported finding 7 guns and ammunition.

Authorities stated that the counterfeit pills were similar to those which have been found at several overdose scenes.

Donovan Spears, 31, of Chesapeake, was arrested and taken to the Lawrence County Jail. He has been charged with two counts of trafficking drugs.

Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards congratulated Corporals Oiler and Wilson for their contribution that resulted in taking illegal drugs from the streets in a Facebook posting. Edwards also posted a news release from Lawrence County officials and photos of the seized drugs and guns.

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