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2023 Vandalia Gathering

An impromptu gathering provides the young to learn the tunes of old.

The Vandalia Gathering in Charleston on May 27 was the place to be for all who enjoy entertaining others and for all who have fun watching others have fun.

Music of the hills came alive as contestants attempted to out do each other in fiddle, banjo, lap dulcimer, and flat-pick guitar contests. The fiddle and guitar competitions featured a youth category for musicians 15 years of age or younger.

Where there is music, there is dancing. The Great Hall of the Culture Center provided dance demonstrations of ethnic and square dancing to flat-foot dancing. Spectators, caught up in the moment, jumped in, kicked up their heels, and became participants.

On Sunday storytellers gathered in the State Theater to compete for Goldenseal magazine’s coveted Golden Shovel award.

Throughout the weekend, West Virginia craftspeople were demonstrating and selling their creations.

Vandalia food booths offered samplings of traditional and ethnic foods, including such favorites as hot dogs, roasted corn, and Italian sausage sandwiches.

Visitors to the Great Hall were treated to the annual Quilts and Wall Hangings Exhibition.

Spectators take to the dance floor.
An impromptu session outside the Cultural Center.
Music in the shade of the old oak tree.
Sunshine and mild temperatures were the order of the day on Saturday.
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