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Centennial History of Hurricane (1994 Edition): Elza and Birdie Wickline

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. In 1994, the Centennial Committee published a follow up book which included family histories which were not submitted in time for the 1988 Centennial History. Last week’s selection was the last history from The Centennial History of Hurricane WV Continued — 1994. This week’s selection is a never-before published family history.

Submitted by Jeanette Wickline Waller

In 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Elza and Birdie Wickline moved from a little coal mining town to locate a piece of property in the country. Their first born son Bryan was born very weak and the doctor recommended to move where there would be fresh air in order for their son to survive. They soon found 112 acre farm in Putnam County Hurricane, WV off of Route 60. Elza worked in Huntington to provide for the family he also resided there due to the cost of transportation. He had a T-Model Ford and he delivered garden produce, milk, and butter, things to make a living. He later bought 2 Horses and a few Cattle for their farm. His wife Birdie stayed on the farm raising their children and keeping up with the everyday chores such as gardening, canning and picking apples in her apple orchard. She had over 8 different kinds of trees. In one day she picked over 500 qts of Black Raspberries. Elza and Birdie had 6 children, Bryan Wickline, Jack Wickline, Edmond Wickline, Virginia (Wickline) Halstead, Hubert Wickline, and Nancy (Wickline) Bair. As the weather got cooler, Winter came which was rough on the 3 oldest boys as they had to walk 5 miles to school. They attended the Black Jack School House. Bryan was in 4th grade, he suddenly became ill with Double Lung Pneumonia due to the cold weather. He then later passed away.

After the Wickline Children finished schooling, Jack joined the Air force then later Married Emma (Barnette) Wickline. They had 2 daughters, Bette Wickline who passed away and Jaclyn (Wickline) Ryberg married to Major Jan Ryberg while working as a Nurse and residing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Next was Edmond, He had several jobs growing up starting at BL Henderson, Later working for Union Carbide as a Pipefitter until the plant later shut down. Then back to work as a supervisor for the Department of Highways. He married Frances (Boggess) Wickline from Sissonville, WV. They had 2 daughters Betty (Wickline) Shade and Jeanette (Wickline) Waller. Virginia married Evermont Halstead, they adopted 2 sons Leon Halstead who now resides in Washington DC & Mark Halstead who resides in Hurricane, WV. Hubert married June (Boyce) Wickline they had 3 Sons Gary Wickline, Roger Wickline & Glenn Wickline. After the passing of his first wife, he then remarried MaryAnn Wickline and they now reside in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The baby of the Wickline Family Nancy, married to Ralph Bair. Nancy’s Husband later passed away with a blood clot and she now resides in Hurricane, WV on The Wickline Farm surrounded by her family. The Wickline Farm continues today and every day with Jeanette (Wickline) and Jerry Waller with their 1 son Jeremy who works for the City of Hurricane and His wife Georgia (Winter) Waller and their 3 children, Bohannon (Bo) age 2, Raelynn age 1 and Magnolia age 1 month old.

Jeanette and Jerry’s oldest grandchild Bohannon born September 2020 whom loves farming and running equipment of any kind may it be the tractor, the excavator or riding the side by side with his daddy. He has always taken an interest in helping around the farm and feeding the herd of cattle. The next grandchild Raelynn born March 2022 who is the Queen of the farm loves the same as a big brother Bohannon. She looks up to him as they are the best of friends and siblings. Lastly the newest baby to the Herd, Magnolia born April 2023 whom is the farm princess. Although she isn’t old enough to sit on her daddy’s lap on the farm equipment yet, she enjoys her snuggles from her great great aunt Nancy, she will soon develop a love for farming as she grows. Everyone pitches in, we were all taught to work hard and be honest.

When Jeremy was a young boy he spent a lot of time with his Grandpa Ed and Grandma Frances while Jerry and Jeanette worked. Edmond taught Jeremy how to drive, how to be a good hard worker, that’s what The Wickline’s are for sure, Jeremy also had chores around the farm that he would help Ed with such as going to get bread that was outdated from the store for their cattle. While Frances taught Jeremy how to be polite, honest and most of all how to be a good example to his children. Ed’s Son-in-law Jerry was a Waller but Ed always said he was a Wickline the way he worked so hard taking care of the farm and mowing hay in the heat. They built a family Cabin on the top of the ridge on the east end of the farm where they host many homemade meals on the mountain for Family, Friends and Church Gatherings. Jeremy and Georgia hope to continue the Wickline Farm Legacy as they teach their children all about Family and how much farming truly means. The Wickline Farm will be carried on for many more years to come.

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