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Centennial History of Hurricane: Church Histories: Adda Baptist Church

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. The publication included the histories of 16 Hurricane area churches. This week’s selection is the 1st of the church histories which were published in 1988.


The official date of organization of the Adda Baptist Church was 1871. It is believed that 1871 was the year in which the second log church was built across the road from where the present church is located. However, the foundation of the church was formed many years earlier. The first church was located where Mrs. Harvey (Ruth) Gibson now resides. The farm was then owned by John T. Harbor. It is believed that our church was named after John’s wife, Adda Crowder Harbor, since she became the first member.

The second log church was used for approximately two decades and constantly increased in membership and community importance. So plans were put into action shortly before the turn of the century to build the present Adda Baptist Church. The records of the church from 1871 to 1908 were destroyed by fire in the home of Mr. Lewis Erwin, who was clerk of Adda in 1908. The only knowledge of the past church we have was received from the few older members that went to Adda when they were children.

Huge, virgin yellow poplar trees furnished the logs for the present church building. They were from the nearby farm of Peter and Jane Hodges. They were sawed by Mr. Hodges at his sawmill on the church grounds. The lumber was then ricked on posts and fire cured. Mr. Jule Erwin hand dressed the lumber. The seats were also handmade of poplar and were used at the church until 1958. Wesley Wyant was contracted s the carpenter to build the church. However, with everyone in the community sharing the work and the financing, the building was completed in a short time.

There have been many improvements throughout the years to beautify our church. Back in the early days, the expense of the church was usually more than the income; but the people always had a vision that the bills would be paid. And so they were.

In 1971, we celebrated Adda’s first 100 years (1871-1971) with a Centennial Homecoming on the third Sunday in August. During the day, there was a display of old Bibles and pictures from 1900 to 1971 of the older members and pastors.

The year brought about many great blessings, including a great revival with twelve saved and baptized, the youngest being eleven years of age and the oldest seventy-one.

Adda has had forty-one pastors. Four pastors (A.L. Cooper, G.L. Eggleton, P.A. Mitchell, and B.V. King) served two terms each. We have also been privileged to license two ministers from our congregation; Laurel Davis in October, 1986 and Charles Moses in January, 1970.

Adda Baptist Church has been a spiritual foundation of the community since 1871, and has continued to grow in membership and ministry for Christ for more than a century. It has been an inspiration and a source of spiritual peace, a reverent house in which to worship God.

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