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UVHS History Presentations

(L-r): Hotch Parkins, George Sizemore, John Joseph, and Diane Buck all made Show and Tell presentations.

The Upper Vandalia Historical Society, Putnam County’s primary historical organization, met this past Sunday, July 30, at the Bancroft Church of God Mission. The meeting featured two presentations and several items that were brought in for Show and Tell.

Ron Allen gave a presentation on the old Mit Gibson house on Hurricane Creek Road. The large white farmhouse later became the home of Dave and Irene Ambler, Cookie Ambler, and Ron Allen.

Betsy Allen gave a presentation based upon her senior thesis at Marshall University, which was called “Caught Between North and South: Putnam County in the Civil War.” The section which she discussed pertained to Calvery Gibson, who was murdered in 1863 by Confederate bushwhackers. Calvery was the grandfather of Mit Gibson.

Both articles by Ron and Betsy were published in the July issue of the Upper Vandalia Historical Society’s quarterly journal.

For show and tell, Hotch Parkins of Poca brought documents from the old Paradise Store. George Sizemore brought documents and photos pertaining to the Civil War and James Lewis Steel of the 7th Cavalry, as well as antique medicine droppers. John Joseph brought an operator’s guide for a grist mill and a tool for cutting groves into the stone. These items came from the grist mill which had been located in Paradise. Diane Buck of Leon brought a pair of antique wire rim glasses from her grandmother’s house.

The Upper Vandalia Historical Society meets four times a year to discuss Putnam County and local history. Anyone who has an interest in local history and trivia is invited to attend meetings. For more information about the Upper Vandalia Historical Society, visit http://cclark8399.wix.com/uppervandalia

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