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Zoology Zone Science Center Produces Sneak Peek

The Reptile House and Rescue announced in May that it was changing its name to Zoology Zone Science Center and moving from the Huntington Mall to the Commons building at Valley Park in Hurricane. The move has been completed and the first official day for the center to be open is Saturday, September 2nd.

The Zoology Zone and Science Center produced a sneak peek of that which opening day visitors will encounter on Friday and Saturday (August 18 and 19). Those attending the peek saw tortoises, snakes, lizards and more – more included a few warm blooded mammals. Seeing at the Science Center means touching and feeling. Executive Director Andy McKee said that science education is a goal which is achieved through interacting with the animals and learning of their rescue stories.

The center will also be open during the WV Cupcake Festival on August 25 and 26. The center will augment the trails, the playgrounds, the wave pool, and the baseball and soccer fields at Valley Park to produce family-friendly experiences for visitors. On September 9, the center will offer a free immersive nature hike at Meeks Mountain Trails at Hurricane City Park.

The stated goal of the Zoology Zone Science Center is to serve as a resource and a hands-on immersive learning opportunity for families, for kids, and for adults of all ages. The ultimate goal is for visitors to experience and enjoy different areas of science.

McKee said that plans call for expansion which will include more exotic animals which are in need of a rescue home. McKee envisions the center evolving into a regional, even worldwide, center for the betterment of many kinds of species. The center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and is looking for corporate sponsors to help it do many free shows for the community.

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