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Centennial History of Hurricane: Church Histories: First Church of the Nazarene

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. The publication included the histories of 16 Hurricane area churches. This week’s selection is the 10th of the church histories which were published in 1988.


Hurricane Church of the Nazarene was organized in 1939 and began services in the Old City Hall and Jail. The nineteen charter members were: Rev. Nellie Hamon , Orville Hamon, George Sovine, Iva Jane Sovine, Hollie Howell, Jessie Howell, Barbara Grishaber, Doris Dixon, George Dixon, Otis Hamon, Mae Hamon, Leona Hamon, Basin Hamon, Junior Hamon, Martha Hamon, Lydia Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Billy Campbell and William Campbell.

The church was originally a part of the Kentucky-West Virginia District. This district divided into two separate districts ma king the church a member of the WV District. Three years ago, due to tremendous growth in the denomination, the West Virginia. District divided into two districts, the North and South WV Districts and the church is now on the WV South District.

After being organized in 1940 the church moved to the Dudding Avenue location and on September 9, 1979 the new sanctuary was dedicated and the old church building was tom down and refurbished for a parking lot which has just been completed as of this writing. Teays Valley Nazarene Church was organized in 1966 with charter members from the Hurricane Nazarene Church.
In 1986 Hurricane Nazarene Church was officially renamed to be Hurricane First Church of the Nazarene.

Extensive improvements have been made since the first mortgage burning in October 1944 and a parsonage has been constructed which is valued at $80,000. The church membership stands at 139.

Pastoral Roll:
Rev. Nellie Hamon 1939-41
Rev. Lloyd Hail 1941-43
Rev. John Donley 1943-44
* Rev. Giles Graham 1944-50
* Rev. Frank Spiker 1950-55
Rev. T. James Boshell 1955-59
* Rev. Herman Ward 1959-65
* Rev. Robert Thomas 1965-68 (Killed while pastoring here)
Rev. C. Harold Smith 1969-77
Rev. Guy L. Glendenning 1977-82
Rev. Glen Curtis 1982-85
Rev. Allen Shortridge 1985-

It is not known the whereabouts or status of all pastors. Those with * are known to be deceased, and a special note of interest is the fact that Rev. C. Harold Smith who pastored here for 81/2 years was elected to be the District Superintendent when the new WV District was formed and still holds that position today.

Original Sanctuary, Church of the Nazarene
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