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Gibson Descendants Gather at Old Homeplace

The descendants of Calvery and Lucretia Gibson held their annual family reunion on Sunday, September 17, at the Bethel Baptist Church Activities Building on Hurricane Creek Road. The union of Calvery and Lucretia produced four sons (Marion, William Thomas, John and James) and one daughter (Mary Elizabeth Billups). Many of Calvery’s and Lucretia’s descendants continue to live in the Hurricane areas. Betsy Allen is a great-great-great-great-grandaughter of Calvery and Lucretia through the line of Mary Elizabeth.

The activities building at Bethel is located approximately 100 yards from the spot where Calvery was murdered by Confederate bushwhackers during the Civil War. Calvery’s son James Jefferson donated the land upon which the present day church sits.

Pictured are the youngest (Ila Wherry, 18 months) and oldest (Ron Allen, 80) in attendance at the reunion. Ila is the daughter of Eric and Emily Gibson Wherry.
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