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Two Hurricane Police Officers Commended

Left to right: Lt. Jonathan Payne, Cpl. Brandon Oiler, Patrolman Matthew Baumgardner, and Chief Mike Mullins.

Corporal Brandon Oiler and Patrolman Matthew Baumgardner of the Hurricane Police Department were recognized at the Hurricane City Council meeting of October 2nd for their actions on August 30th.

The two officers received notice to be on the look out for a juvenile female wanted on a felony charge in Detroit, Michigan. The teenager had been tracked via cell phone pinging but not apprehended as she traveled through Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky despite law enforcement efforts to locate her. She was reported to be driving a black pickup.

Oiler and Baumgardner responded and detected a cell phone ping but no pickup. The only vehicle to pass which could be the source of the ping was a bus. The two officers proceeded to stop the bus and located the juvenile and found that she was in possession of 153.8 grams of fentanyl that was to be delivered to Charleston — some of which would likely have been distributed in Putnam County.
Detective Lieutenant Jonathan Payne requested that both Corporal Oiler and Patrolman Baumgardner be recognized with letters of commendation.

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